Custom Built New Home Construction project

When it comes to building a new home, remodeling or adding on, fall is a great time to get started. There many reason why  you should begin your new home construction project now and here are four:

  1. Abundant design ideas-  As the Fall Parade of Homes comes to an end, there are many new exquisite homes to look at for ideas. What do you want your interior and exterior to look like in your new home or remodeling project? If you did not get a chance to tour the hundreds of homes during the Parade, you can still look at a guide book on line to get ideas. Also check Pinterest for more design ideas that showcase the latest new trends. Check out the digital 2019 fall Parade of Homes here:
  2. Interest rates are low. It is a good time to lock in at a low rate. Winter gets long and there is no telling where interest rates may fall in the spring. But right now, they are at an all-time low, which means you can save significantly on your monthly mortgage payment and lock in at a great rate.
  1. Material Prices are lower. Avoid spring material price increases and take advantage of year-end savings as suppliers and lumber yards will increase their prices come spring.  Therefore, if you begin your new home construction project now you will save on interior and exterior products. This might include flooring, countertops, windows, doors, exterior siding, shingles and roofing.
  2. Get a $500 credit Last, but not least, if you sign with Tice-Hause Design/Build  before October 31st, 2019 we will give you a $500 credit towards the design plans of your new home construction project.

In conclusion, why wait through the long winter to start your new home construction project? With these four reasons to begin now, you will save big and enjoy your new beautiful space by spring.  Call us to learn more at 651-439-3837.



Draftsman or Architect– The best path to a successful and affordable residential construction project.

There are many choices to consider when deciding to build a new home or take on an addition or remodeling project.  One important consideration many people overlook is the choice of whether to use an architect or a draftsman when designing their project.  These words have become synonymous to those of us who do not work in the construction industry, we would like to help you understand the differences to help you choose the right professional.

One of the largest differences between an architect and a draftsman is the amount of education and licensure that is required for each profession.  An architect’s educational background usually consists of a degree from a university and requires a minimum of 2 years’ experience.   A draftsman, does not require a degree from a university. Most employers prefer draftsmen with college training, therefore, certificates, diplomas, or associate’s degrees in drafting can be earned from many technical institutes and community colleges. With the extended education, comes a heftier price tag.  So, although you may feel the higher level of certification with an architect is important, there are draftsmen who have many years of experience in both building and drafting who can do an excellent job to value engineering the design of your project with input from your builder.

Architects tend to place high value on aesthetics, usage of space, or showcasing a unique design element in a home or building. These are all important aspects of a build but architects may over design and thus drive up cost unnecessarily.  Draftsmen tend to have a more intimate understanding of what is involved with the build because they work regularly with the builder and are involved in seeing the job into fruition.  At Tice-Hause Design Build, we pride ourselves on working with customers to create a personal and economical “draw to build” experience.

Hiring an independent architect is expensive. Most work on a percentage of project fee, which can easily exceed tens of thousands of dollars on a larger building project. Extra meetings, visits to the site and research of local building codes are all things you are likely to encounter. These issues all lead to additional hourly charges in excess of the base charge. Furthermore, architects often specify items or processes that your builder is either not familiar with or has no existing material supplier for. Seeing this, when the builder bids the plan they will tack on a “safety margin” to cover ‘unforeseeable items’ that they don’t have experience with. The resulting extra costs can add up quickly, taking funds you could have used elsewhere.

Whether you choose an architect or a draftsman for your next build is up to you.  We feel that the best choice with the highest level of value for most residential projects for both remodeling and new construction is to use a builder with a draftsman on their team.

As you go through our design process you, your designer and your builder develop an intimate understanding of your project.  At Tice Hause Design Build your draftsman is there for you throughout your project, at your convenience, with no additional charge.  When questions arise on site, our team knows who to go to for answers quickly and efficiently.

Now that you have a better understanding of the difference between an architect and using a design build draftsman, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about your best path forward to develop plans for your new dream home or major renovation.


Six Steps to Build your New Home-Tice-Hause Deign/Build

Have you always wanted to build a new home, but not exactly sure where to start? There are many things to think about, but we are here to help! Here are six steps from Tice-Hause Design/Build that will get you from dreaming about your new home, to living in it.

1. Wish list

When deciding to build a new home it’s important to know what you like.  Look through magazines, and websites such as, Better Homes and Gardens, Houzz, or Pinterest.  Create a new board, jot down the ideas you like, and gather all the “design elements” of your project in one easily accessible spot.

2. Plans

     Look through house plan books to find home designs you like.  You can find these books at home repair stores or online.  When you have found a design you like then call Tice-Hause Design/Build to schedule a plan start meeting.  We can help you with whatever modifications or other details that best suit your needs and wants for your new build.  There are no obligations to have us build your new home, even if we help you with your design. However, there are financial incentives that would be in your best interest.  Please visit our website to learn more,
3. Financing
    Now you need to begin thinking about how much you can afford to spend and how much building your new home is likely to cost.  Chances are you will need a construction loan and a mortgage.  You can use your own financing, or what often works best for our clients at Tice-Hause Design/Build, is to put you in contact with one  of our approved banks.  Our approved lenders offer the best financing options for one close combination construction/permanent mortgage.  This saves time and money.  Our lenders also offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry.  We highly recommend these banks; they know and understand the construction process because they do it everyday.
4. Specifications
 Once your plans are complete you will need to commit to assembling your team.  When you choose Tice-Hause Design/Build you will schedule a “spec and scope of work” meeting where you will discuss your wish list.  We ask you your desires for interior and exterior finishes, for example, items like roofing, siding, cabinets, countertops, flooring etcetera.    After this meeting is complete, we send  the bid package (plans and specs) out to our trade partners and suppliers. We then present you with your proposal and solid pricing of all services and materials.
5. Contract
When you have completed the previous steps, you will be presented with your specific proposal.  This is the time to adjust your plans to work within your budget. Negotiate your contract with your team and make sure you are comfortable before you sign the contract.
6. Build!
 The sixth and final step is to start your build!  After contracts are signed your team will apply for building permits and schedule your project start date!
 Building or remodeling your home is one of the biggest and most important decisions you will make. Tice-Hause Design/Build has years of experience building upscale homes. In addition, we have a stellar reputation for building second dream homes in vacation areas. We have been building dreams for hundreds of happy clients for over 30 years. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your design/build goals. Give us a call and we will help make your design/build dreams a reality!

Snowflakes are still falling, schools are closing due to the winter weather. Who’s had enough of it already?  It has become treacherous to get to and from work or anywhere else for that matter.   Some of you may be thinking, “Home renovation, now? Yeah right!”  Here are four reasons why, NOW, is the perfect time to start planning your 2019 home renovations.

  1. Late winter can be perfect time for new home construction or a remodel project.  Since supply and demand are a important factor, you can be more choosy in finding the best builder in your area. Builders are often more accessible late winter, therefore homeowners can benefit from the contractor’s increased flexibility.   It is a good idea to make the call to begin the planning of your home renovation project ten to twelve weeks in advance to give enough time to plan for scope of work and plan development.  Are you envisioning sipping your favorite drink in that beautiful new screen porch with an attached outdoor deck?  Allow your builder to begin drawing plans late winter,  so you can enjoy it during Minnesota’s three warmer seasons.
  2.  With contractor availability in mind, you may also profit from better deals on materials.   Spring price increases will naturally occur due to supply and demand.  Many showrooms offer deals at the end of winter to get rid of the previous season’s stock. Starting your project now could land you some good deals and save you money on the supplies you need for your project. As a result you’ll have extra cash for some fabulous furniture!
  3. Starting your new home construction or renovation project late winter also provides you the opportunity to have contractors look at other issues you may be having with your home.  You can have your contractor survey your property after this harsh winter.  Roofs, decks, windows, these are all things to consider when you are looking at home renovations.  Relying on a company like Tice-Hause Design Build to give their expert advice on what should be addressed now can save you time and money in the long run.
  4. Finally, with the holidays behind us, the New Year begun, and Spring cleaning approaching, now is the perfect time to start your new home construction or renovation project. Many homeowners find themselves putting  new builds or remodels off because summer schedules can get very busy. Whether its endless sporting activities, travel plans, or simply trying to take advantage of every ray of sunshine, summers can be an overwhelming time of year to try to renovate your home.  While you are home and hunkered down, now is the time to call Tice-Hause Design Build to get this years new home construction or renovation project underway.  They welcome projects any time of the year and off season is no exception. Give them a call anytime at 651-439-0189. They can help you make the best decision that is perfect for your home renovation needs.


Visit Tice-Hause Design Build at the St. Paul Home and Landscape show

Has the cold got you down? Are you daydreaming of warmer temperatures, beautiful flowers and all of your spring home renovations? Let us reassure you, you are not alone!  There are many benefits to attending the St. Paul Home and Landscape show happening this weekend, February 15-17, 2019, at the St. Paul River Centre.  Here are five good reasons why you should attend the show.

  1. All things under one roof. The St. Paul Home and Landscape show is the perfect destination for a busy person.  If you are easily inspired but have a difficult time seeing your dreams into fruition due to busy schedules, or never-ending work, then this is the place for you.  For a small admission fee, you have everything at your fingertips.  Attendees can find everything under one roof, from contractors for full home renovations to the latest trends on home gardens, you will find everything you are looking for and more.
  2. Show Deals-At the St. Paul Home and Landscape show there are many exhibitors who offer what is referred to as, “show deals.”  Everyone loves a good deal and many businesses will have bargains on products and services that are exclusive tooth’s event.  It is in your best interest to spend a day comparing cost and services for the best deal on your next home project.
  3. Meet highly qualified exhibitors. There are very specific qualifications to be an exhibitor.  If you are searching for quality products and services then you will want to attend the St. Paul Home and Landscape show.  The highest quality exhibitors will be featured and the attendees can browse through exceptional products and meet many skilled individuals without the worry of scam artists, under qualified business owners/contractors, or shortcuts.
  4. Find your Inspiration . The St. Paul Home and Landscape show benefits the attendees by providing inspiration and confidence in completing their next home project.  John Gidding of TLC’s “Trading Spaces,” will make a guest appearance.  Many other professionals will be there to answer questions, demonstrate new products, describe the latest trends and help you make your you’re your personal retreat.
  5. Get all of your design/build question answered by experts. If you have a spring or summer new construction project to discuss Stop by and see Tice-Hause Design Build. Whether it’s a new home project, remodel, or an addition Tice-Hause Construction can assist you with everything from conception to completion.  Their standard is,  better process, a better design, and a better build and they stand by it.  They have been building dreams for hundreds of happy clients for over 30 years; and would love to add you and your dream home to that list.

If you have questions about an upcoming project and cannot make the St. Paul Home and Landscape show, please call Tice-Hause Design Build at 651-439-3837. Meanwhile check out their website at: