Coastal beach-style homes have an unmistakable vibe – light, airy, unique, and always warm and welcoming. When you visit a coastal town you undeniably notice the interior design difference from the Midwest, the minute you walk into the space. It just feels lighter and more open and spacious. But a coastal-style home in Minnesota? Why not?

When Julia and Craig Tice of Tice-Hause Design/Build decided it was time to remodel their home, originally built in the eighties, they knew they wanted more than updated design and function they wanted the new space to feel like beach-home living. Love of travel inspired them to create a Mediterranean/Coastal design with that beach home feel. They define this newly renovated design/build as much more than seashells and nautical décor it is about structural design—architecture with wide arched openings, enhanced with rich wood and a light and airy cream finish, whitewash ceilings with large cream beams, nineteen raining pendant lights, a stately stone hearth, neutral and natural colors, and A floor to ceiling fireplace. The style they were looking to achieve has some traditional characteristics but with a Coastal, modern/contemporary Mediterranean twist.

Another characteristic of the Coastal/Mediterranean beach style is a distinct focus on indoor-outdoor living, with a spacious open floor plan and Spanish and Italian influences. The four-panel 14×10 expansive Marvin glass patio door that overlooks an outdoor pool and beautiful landscaping gives the home an even more beachy feel.

The Tice’s are busy running their businesses and cheering o their 11-year-old son who is involved in many sports. They are not able to travel as often as they would like these days so residing in a home with a coastal, beach-style feel is the next best thing.

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