Contrasting Wood is Good

Matching woods tones can look nice, but contrasting wood tones can make the space look more elegant and interesting.  When matching or contrasting wood tones it is a good practice to avoid the humdrum, in other words, avoid blandness by incorporating other materials such as glass, metals, stone along with the different colors of stains.

Contrasting Wood Tones: Whitewash Ceiling, with Painted Cream Beams and Rich Wood Floors

Make Sure Wood Tones do not Compete

Since wood tones are in the natural category, it is relatively easy to mix them to achieve a visually pleasing result.  You do not want the colors to be too close as they may compete. Go for contrasting wood tones instead. Mixing woods such as using a dark wood (like black walnut) with a light wood (like pine) will always look rich and intentional. However, if you’re starting with a wood floor and are adding new wood tones (a table, chairs, etc.), consider using a rug to act as a buffer. Things starting to look too busy? Go with white or cream as a neutral color paint, and/or fabrics—any white accents will balance out the browns.

Trim color does not have to be the same in every room… If your floor plan is notably open, then yes, using the same trim color makes sense, but in that case, you might be using the same wall color everywhere anyway. Sticking with various off-whites in most of your rooms is always a safe bet. 

Tice-Hause Design Build Case study:

Natural colors with mixed woods give this home a clean and updated look.

Wood Tones-Painted White and Stained

This client had mostly stained wood and wanted a newer more trendy look of white painted millwork without losing the warmth the stained millwork and doors provide.

Our designers strategically and tastefully mixed both traditional, smooth, white painted millwork with rich stained woods in both smooth and rustic rough cut millwork textures for a rich, yet elegant look and feel.  The result was a sophisticated look and a warm and inviting feeling, with a light, airy and clean look.

This eclectic look works well in many remodeling applications where a change in millwork is desired. However, it takes some thought and experience to do it so that it is architecturally pleasing and authentic looking.  At Tice-Hause Design/Build  our designers spent the time going through each detail with the homeowner and the owners were ecstatic at the look that was achieved.

So when you thinking of mixing woods, fortunately, contrast is a welcome player in the world of interior design. Mixing wood tones can make your space feel more layered and up to date. Mixing pieces with different wood stains adds depth, visual interest, and, when done well, a signature style. If you have a deign/build project in mind, give us a call for a complimentary consultation. 651-439-3837.





Multigenerational homes are becoming more common in the design/build industry.  There are many benefits to having multi-generational families living under one roof. What is appealing is more than one family and/or relatives or extended family can reside in a functional home together under one roof. The architectural design and open floor plan are specially designed to complement multigenerational living. A multi-generational home design often provides a more versatile space where grandparents can spend time with grandchildren in the family room as parents prepare dinner close by in the kitchen.

The common theme is a communal public space such as the great room to bring loved ones together, whereas private suites offer secluded privacy. As elderly loved ones advance in age connecting doors from the suites to the main home provide safety. Many families also like the convenience the connected space offer for daily engagement between family members. Multigenerational home floor plans typically include features like multiple living areas, more than one kitchen, and separate entrances to maximize privacy.

Large common areas like great rooms, open kitchens, and extended outdoor living spaces are also common in multi-generational homes.

A Universal design feature also provides accessibility for senior-aged family members.

Building a new-construction home offers more customizability (and is often more affordable) than renovating an existing home.


Multiple Generational Home have more than one living areas

While common spaces are important for togetherness in multi-generational homes, multiple living areas are key to personal space and privacy. In most multi-generational home floor plans, you’ll find more than one living area that can be enjoyed for different purposes.  For example, a home may have a great room where the kids keep their toys and watch TV as well as a den where grandparents have their own space to relax.

Multiple Kitchens

Much like multiple living areas, having multiple kitchens provides extra space and privacy for family units within the same multi-generational home. A common design found in multi-generational homes is a large “main” kitchen and a smaller kitchen or kitchenette located in designated in-law suites.

Long newly remodeled corridor

Multigenerational Homes have Separate Entrances

Multigenerational homes

Beautiful newly designed staircase with floor to ceiling windows leading to the upper level suite.

Adding separate entrances to a multi-generational home gives it the feel of individual living units even when they are part of one larger home. For example, in-laws may not want to walk through the main house to get to their in-law suite in the basement. Adding an extra entrance that provides direct access to the basement suite makes it feel more private and adds convenience.

Some Multigenerational Homes have Separate buildings on the Same Lot

Another common approach to multi-generational homes is separate buildings on the same property. Some common options include private apartments over detached garages or small separate houses built behind the main home.

If you are interested in a learning more about multigenerational homes, and it is something that fits your future plans, give us a call at Tice-Hause Design/Build. We are happy to set up a complimentary consultation. 651-439-0189.


Visit Tice-Hause Design Build at the St. Paul Home and Landscape show

Has the cold got you down? Are you daydreaming of warmer temperatures, beautiful flowers and all of your spring home renovations? Let us reassure you, you are not alone!  There are many benefits to attending the St. Paul Home and Landscape show happening this weekend, February 15-17, 2019, at the St. Paul River Centre.  Here are five good reasons why you should attend the show.

  1. All things under one roof. The St. Paul Home and Landscape show is the perfect destination for a busy person.  If you are easily inspired but have a difficult time seeing your dreams into fruition due to busy schedules, or never-ending work, then this is the place for you.  For a small admission fee, you have everything at your fingertips.  Attendees can find everything under one roof, from contractors for full home renovations to the latest trends on home gardens, you will find everything you are looking for and more.
  2. Show Deals-At the St. Paul Home and Landscape show there are many exhibitors who offer what is referred to as, “show deals.”  Everyone loves a good deal and many businesses will have bargains on products and services that are exclusive tooth’s event.  It is in your best interest to spend a day comparing cost and services for the best deal on your next home project.
  3. Meet highly qualified exhibitors. There are very specific qualifications to be an exhibitor.  If you are searching for quality products and services then you will want to attend the St. Paul Home and Landscape show.  The highest quality exhibitors will be featured and the attendees can browse through exceptional products and meet many skilled individuals without the worry of scam artists, under qualified business owners/contractors, or shortcuts.
  4. Find your Inspiration . The St. Paul Home and Landscape show benefits the attendees by providing inspiration and confidence in completing their next home project.  John Gidding of TLC’s “Trading Spaces,” will make a guest appearance.  Many other professionals will be there to answer questions, demonstrate new products, describe the latest trends and help you make your you’re your personal retreat.
  5. Get all of your design/build question answered by experts. If you have a spring or summer new construction project to discuss Stop by and see Tice-Hause Design Build. Whether it’s a new home project, remodel, or an addition Tice-Hause Construction can assist you with everything from conception to completion.  Their standard is,  better process, a better design, and a better build and they stand by it.  They have been building dreams for hundreds of happy clients for over 30 years; and would love to add you and your dream home to that list.

If you have questions about an upcoming project and cannot make the St. Paul Home and Landscape show, please call Tice-Hause Design Build at 651-439-3837. Meanwhile check out their website at: