Refinish your basement and live more comfortably.

Are you feeling cramped and/or in need of more space? Why not create more room and refinish your basement this winter? For most people, the basement is often a place where homeowners resort to storing boxes and seasonal items. Fortunately, it can be an extension of the home that serves different purposes if you choose to refinish it. It can be a place to entertain, or just hang and watch a movie. Afterall, who doesn’t want more space? If you’re ready to get started on this process, there are a few reasons to refinish your basement in the winter season.

1. Improved Energy Efficiency

When you refinish your basement with new windows, insulation, and materials, it will improve the energy efficiency in the building and make it easier to maintain the temperature in the home. This will allow you to start to save money to heat and cool the home throughout the year.

2. Better Contractor Availability

Because fewer people start construction projects in the winter, contractors have more availability and are easier to book. You can be more selective with who you choose to hire and avoid waiting several months to use their services.

3. Faster Permits

It can be a lot faster process to obtain permits for the work you want to complete in the winter because fewer permits are submitted to the city during this time. This can allow you to complete the project in a shorter timeframe and avoid delays.

4. The Construction Process Won’t Interfere with Your Home Life

Because basements are out of the way from the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms, the construction that is performed won’t disrupt your daily life and your ability to maintain your activities in the home each day.

In Conclusion

There are many reasons why it makes sense to refinish your basement. Aside from the many reasons listed about it will also up the value of your home. So if your are thinking about creating that dream space in your home to get away or to play than a basement refinish might be the perfect option for you.  Give us a call at Tice-Hause Design/Build to learn more at 651-439-3837.

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refinish your basement and live more comfortably.